Purchase a starter pack of opt-in emails.

  • Each group listed contains 100,000 emails
  • All have valid physical addresses
  • Most have phone numbers
  • The full state group contains all of the individual groups
  • Available for download after purchase
  • See table below for example of data layout

Pricing is valid until Aug 1st, after that, normal pricing of $149 per individual group goes into affect.

These lists are targeted at P&C marketing, not just generic random lists, but scrubbed in multiple ways.  All have a physical mailing address, no PO boxes.

The following data is included in each list:

sample@yahoo.comDamonReid601 E 11th StKansas CityJacksonMO641338168981476
sample@gmail.comRhondaRetzke2130 E 16th AfeLees SummitJacksonMO640638168964574
sample@hotmail.comWilliamPier2421 E Meyer BlvdGrandviewJacksonMO640308168985378
sample@live.comMuraliMoritz5915 Elmwood AveOak GroveJacksonMO640758168965373

Note:  Sample data was modified to prevent posting live data to the website.  Example is shown for layout purposes only.

Email lists can be difficult and even with the best of quality efforts, can have a high bounce rate.  Use care when running the list for the first few times to remove any bounces.  Always follow the CAN-SPAM act.

Quality tests that have been performed on these lists:

  • Removed known bad domains
  • Address must be a valid post office address and is standardized per the post office
  • Removed ‘role’ accounts, such as webmaster@, jobs@, spam@, etc
  • Database is ran against spam trap databases to remove known issues
  • Must have First Name and Last Name, several tests are ran on the names to remove known issues
  • Ran against in house bounce database to remove known bounces

Each list group will be sold once and only once for this sale.  Purchase now before someone else does.  For clarity, someone can purchase a single set but then someone else could purchase the full state group which includes the single set previously purchased.  After that, they are sold.

Pricing is valid until June 21st, after that, normal pricing of $149 per individual group or $349 per state goes into affect.