Subscription:  $75 monthly recurring until cancelled

Ever needed a selection of tools to help you get up and marketing!

This bundle includes the following and gives you what you need:

Neighborhood Marketing Program

Sample Neighborhood Marketing Letter

  • Market to the neighbors of your existing clients
  • Very simple, fast easy creation of marketing letters
  • Same housing development, mail or just walk the neighborhood and drop off
  • Highly targeted opportunistic marketing

Home Prospector

  • Runs quotes via Farmers Dashboard using an automated script
  • Great for defectors, quotes not taken, etc
  • Quotes are stored both in SIMS and a spreadsheet
  • Use provided template to create marketing letters
  • Used discounts, deductibles as setup in agents dashboard profile


  • Similar to Home Prospector, except runs ‘clean-sheet’ auto quotes
  • Gets data of current carrier, actual policy xdate
  • Finds existing vehicles
  • Good for telemarketing close to policy renewal.  Make it you against the incumbant

Home Leads

  • Get 5000 lead credits monthly
  • Use for telemarketing or direct mail
  • Web based portal, download as you want
  • Filters available for credit range, some nationalities, age ranges, etc
  • Can get email lists if wanted

This is a very limited time offer and I’m only making it available to the first 100 participants.

Monthly pricing includes support (phone, email, text) during business hours, updates, upgrades for all of the software packages.



Let me give answers to common questions:

  • Cancel anytime.  Once you cancel, you will get the remainder of your paid time but no automatic renewal will occur.
  • I’ve been running these tools with agents for several years.  They work if you work them.
  • Closing ratios vary a lot depending on your area but generally, you will write 1 household per 100 letters you generate.  I cannot guarantee this, but it is a good generality.  Following up with phone calls will increase this number.
  • Neighborhood Marketing Program  is very simple to use and automatically merges the letters for you based on a Word template.  There is a limit of 1000 unique address pulls a month for this subscription (increases available)
  • Prospector / AutoXdater require you to do a mail merge to create the letters.  I will show you how to do this.
  • Templates can be modified.  If you want to make variations from including your picture or altering pretty much the whole thing, not a problem, its Microsoft Word
  • 30 day money back guarantee.  Okay, I might ask a question or 2, but you don’t have to answer them.  I do want to try to improve the software when needed.